get your business out there.

  • Our Formula

    We're speaking up for middle class America. The people stuck in the middle of left and right.

  • Our audience

    If you're sick of right, left, alt-right, alt-left, blah blah blah; welcome to our world.

  • our goal

    Let's get out of the hate-filled rat race and discuss things revolving around our world.

  • YOU!

    Come join us in a conversation of what really matters to you; your family, your life.


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Call in (760) 848-4388 | Live discussion room

Absolutely addicted to this radio network. Keep it coming. Need more.
Finally something I can listen to without pulling my hair out.
I don't which way I'm swingin' it so I too am one stuck in the middle.
You need to take more phone calls. Get us involved, we have a lot to say.
Thank You for making your stream easy to access on my phone.
I tune you in everywhere I go. I'm actually on the toilet right now (tee hee).
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